Lighting Academy

3Brothers lighting academy founded in 2018, it has started its activities in education and training in specialization of LED technology and light design.

Our Vision

To be a world-class academy in LED technology education and light design in compliance with the international standards of training, Research, to fulfill our Social Responsibilities.

Our Mission

Contributing education, training, and development of the Egyptian youth and junior engineers from different Egyptian universities and academies by offering educational programs with the highest levels of Quality

3Brothers lighting academy is now providing many educational lighting tracks in terms of high quality and diversity of courses & programs in order to be more qualified for the new trending and updates.

Offering a wide range of training modules such as:

  • LED technology
  • Light design
  • Light physics
  • Light quality
  • Light source
  • Types of luminaries
  • Electrical panels
  • Human-centric lighting

Also, we are collaborating with many educational and engineering entities to offer a wide range of training courses such as APE training programs and UTW

3Brothers lighting academy soon will announce our certified certification from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities and many reputable universities like Nile University.