Terms & Conditions


1.      Offer confirmation

·         The duration of the confirmation is one WEEK from the date of issuing the quotation.

After the expiry of the period specified for the validity of the offer, 3Brothers have the right to amend or cancel the prices and conditions mentioned. If you require an extension of the offer beyond its specified validity period, please contact us to obtain the extension of the offer's validity period.

2.      Terms of payment

·         50% of the total value of the supply order as down payment by check payable in cash.

·         The other 50% in exchange for what is delivered in cash or by check payable.

In case checks are drawn, the check is drawn in the name of 3Brothers for Engineering and Electrical Industries (Art line).

3.      Supplying

·         Supplying duration

The period of supply is agreed upon by contracting and receiving the supply order.

In case of the customer is notified of the completion of manufacturing covered by the supply order according to the agreement on the supply and the customer does not receive the receipt, the 962 monthly percentage is calculated as additional expenses that are deducted from the advance payment up to a maximum of three months after which 3Brothers is entitled to dispose of the goods with the customer bearing all the expenses.

·         Extending the supply period

3Brothers has the right to extend the supply period in the following cases:

A.      Lack of data required from the purchasing authority (the customer) or requesting amendments.

B.      Compulsive circumstances such as wars and disasters, or any breakdowns that occurred on production lines, and are beyond control.

"The prices mentioned in the price offer are for these quantities only, and they are not supplied again except in the case of an agreement upon contracting that there will be other completions at the same prices during the period agreed upon in the supply order".

4.      Taxes

The price tables inside the offer do not include the following

·         14% sales tax

·         Any stamps or other taxes imposed by the state will be applied and paid by the purchasing authority.

5.      Conditions for Amendments:

In the event of any modifications or additions that may have occurred on your part upon or after your approval of the quotation of our prices and our receipt of the order of supply, the full value of the required modifications and additions shall be paid upon receipt, and in this case 3Brothers reserves the right to amend the period of supply.

6.      Prices

In Egyptian pounds.

In case of any sovereign increases in currency prices followed by increases in product prices, 3Brothers have the right to adjust prices even if the supply order is issued and the advance payment is received.


7.      Accessories

As for the accessories items of lamps, transducers, and plastics, in case they are not available in the company's stores, we are obligated to provide any alternative brand of European origin.

8.      Delivery location

Our stores in the 10th of Ramadan.