About 3Brothers

3Brothers is one of the leading lighting companies all over Egypt, the MENA region and African countries specialized in manufacturing led lighting in Egypt for 30 years, we've been a leader in the Egyptian market with more than 30% market share with two huge factories in the 10th of Ramadan industrial area.

3Brothers unique Die-cast abilities and high-quality laboratories that provide an integrated system with the latest technologies to achieve the highest quality combination with various integrating tests to offer the perfect modern lighting

Back in 1990, 3Brothers` was established by the efforts of its three founders  

  • - Eng. Michael Sadek
  • - Eng. Albert Sadek
  • - Eng. Maher Sadek 

Within the same year, in the third industrial zone in the 10th of Ramadan city, which is one of the biggest industrial cities in Egypt, 3Brothers`  first factory was established/ in an area of 6000m2, which now is renovated to be The Innovation center. 

3Brothers second factory was established, on an area of 4800m2 in the third industrial zone A4 

3Brothers is distinguished by its modern led technology, as having a great number of products more than 6000, which covers the internal and external users to supply all the lighting luminaires.

3Brothers offers its partners and clients more than just a lighting fixture. We offer you a design tool with an architectural look without any compromise in the lifetime and quality.


3Brothers Company seeks to deepen the awareness of lighting and its practical applications in the form of leading products. It aims to make a change in the concept of the community about lighting, 3Brothers reflects the latest discoveries of this science and its applications.


3Brothers is an industrial and trading company that seeks to deliver and provide integrated solutions in the field of lighting with its products and applications. It exerts plenty of efforts to develop the products and applications for our lighting consultants' usage and the final consumer in Egypt and the Arab region.