Central Battery System - CBS

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This system is used to power emergency lights and exit signs in administrative and educational buildings, hospitals, and high-rise buildings. It is powered by a standard power source. When the main supply fails, the central batteries are automatically converted from the main supply to the central battery power.

Emergency lighting standards:

1. The Emergency Lighting System and all of its components should be manufactured to meet the requirements of BS EN 50171, ICEL 1009, CE, and local regulations.

2. The system shall be CE and ICEL-marked. Type tested by Third Party Kite Mark on BSEN50171

3. Emergency and EXIT luminaires must be Type Tested to EN60598.2.22

4.  All electrical installations shall be carried out in accordance with current International Standards and Codes of Practice specifically with the current issue of the IEEE Regulations (BS 7671) and the requirements of the local supply authority.

5.The entire installation shall be installed and tested in accordance with the relevant International Standards and any requirements of the local regulation and/or the local municipal authority.

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